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High Standard,

High Quality Equipment

From ROVs, to subsea wire saws and core samplers, as a leading innovator of underwater works with strong engineering experience, OWA has developed a wide variety of unique and reliable, user-friendly purpose-built equipment and tools.

Saturation Diving System (SAT)
“Saturation diving” has become the pinnacle of the diving industry as an efficient diving technique that allows divers to safely perform subsea diving work for long periods of time reducing the risk of decompression sickness when they work at great depths for long periods of time while also avoiding “bounce diving” risks. This may be maintained for up to several weeks, as they are decompressed to surface pressure only once, at the end of their tour of duty. By limiting the number of decompressions in this way, the risk of decompression sickness is significantly reduced.

Surface Supplied Diving System (SSDS)

OWA’s Surface-Supplied Diving System (SSDS) is a diving system using its own Launching & Recovery System (LARS) delivering the divers safely into the water, and equipment supplying breathing gas using a diver's umbilical from the surface through a Control Van (CV), either from the shore or from a diving support vessel providing significantly larger breathing gas supplies, lowering risk of drowning and, allowing longer working periods and safer decompression. An SSDS has an exclusive Decompression Chamber which enable emergency decompression when needed on vessels and sites.

Scuba Replacement  Package(SRP)

Engineered and designed in accordance with Inshore and Offshore requirements outlined in ADC, HSE, IMCA D040 & D015 and OGP guidelines, OWA’s SRPs are robust easy-to-go 2-diver Scuba Replacement Package(s) supplied with HP air storage mounted in a steel frame, that houses the dive panel, cylinders, umbilicals and hardline diver communications with the ability to record video by helmet mounted camera(s) in one compact transportable package.


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