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Catering to both the civils and offshore markets, OWA have undertaken numerous projects in both air and saturation diving over the years with efficiency and quality being the bedrock of our diving operations. Having our core team of IMCA Qualified Diving Supervisors, Divers, Dive Techs ensures every project is being handled in accordance to our operating guidelines and procedures. In addition, OWA owns and operates all the SSDS and SAT systems (IMCA D023 & D024 compliant) that are being deployed to projects

SSDS(Surface Supplied Diving System)

SSDS (Surface Supplied Diving System) is the air diving systems for offshore oil & gas and inshore civil works.  The air diving system is all IMCA D 203 compliant.


SRP (Scuba Replacement Package)

SRP (Scuba Replacement Package) is the mobile and portable surface supplied diving system which aims to provide the flexibility of SCUBA without the safety limitations.  The system may be moved to different locations on an installation or mounted on a small boat operating from a support vessel. 7 of SRP is available at Ocean Works Asia Pte Ltd.


SAT (Saturation Diving System)

SAT (Saturation Diving System) is a twelve man portable saturation diving system.  This system is suitable for deep sea.  The system is Classed by Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (Class NK) and is IMCA D024 compliant.  2 of SAT system is available at Ocean Works Asia Pte Ltd.

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