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ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle)

Demands for ROV operations have seen significant increase in recent years and our fleet of ROVs allows us to provide subsea solutions catered to individual client requirements.
OWA owns and operates both Workclass and Observation / Inspection Class ROVs with the Workclass TETSU 7 being the pride of the fleet. Built and designed by our in house team of engineers and ROV Pilot Techs, the TESTU 7 is equipped to carry out a wide vareity of subsea operations

Chasing M2 Pro

The Chasing M2 Pro is an IMCA Class 1 ROV designed for multiple industrial applications.


Gladius Mini Underwater Drone

The Gladius Mini is a mini underwater drone type ROV. The Gladius Mini is ideally suited for inspections in confined spaces where diver access is limited or risky for human intervention.

1. Gladius Mini 3.jpg

Seaeye Falcon 12450

The Falcon is the most successful  electric ROV  system of its class and is proven in numerous intricate and demanding operations across many commercial, security and scientific sectors. The Falcon has performed a wide variety of operations from Drill Support to Inspections and has a proven track record in the field for being a robust and versatile system. 

2. SeaEye Falcon1.png

Seaeye Tiger 899

The Tiger is a very stable platform, with excellent manoeuvrability and performance in strong currents. The system  payload offers the possibility of adding a wide range of tools and sensors as well as interchangeable tool skids for a variety of complex Inspection operational tasks.

3. Tiger.png


The TETSU-7 is a 100 HP work class ROV suitable for multiple roles in offshore applications  from pipeline operations to construction and inspection operations. The system is modular and is capable of adapting to fit a wide range of tooling and sensors without compromising the mission.

4. Tetsu02.jpg

Triton XLS40

The Triton XLS is a 150HP heavy duty work class ROV, which was designed and built to perform the most exacting operation in the harshest of environments for a long periods. The XLS is a rugged system capable of handling the most complex and demanding of deep-water operational tasks.

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