Delivering Specialized, Innovative

Underwater Services

2 OWA provides Underwater Inspection, Maintenance & Repair (IMR) with a reputation of delivering high quality services that meet or exceed client requirements safely and effectively for oil and gas fields operators assets; topside and subsea, onshore and offshore.


Ocean Works Asia provides a wide range of specialized diving and ROV services for construction projects inland / inshore / offshore / onshore for the oil & gas industry, civil works and the renewable sectors.

Oil & Gas

Installation of Offshore Facilities, Pipelines / Risers / Spools, Moorings and Decommissioning Activities

Civil Works

Jetty, Pier, Desalination Plan, Power Plant, Bridge, Tunnel


Wind Farm, Tidal Current, Marine Energy



Ocean Works Asia provides safe, high-quality inland / inshore / offshore / onshore, topside and subsea Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) services for the oil & gas industry, civil works and the renewable sectors.


Marine Facilities, Pipelines / Freespans, NDT, Anode Condition, Underwater Structure Condition, Geotextile check and many others


Platform, Piles, Strainer, Water Intake / Outlet, Fire Pumps, Water Pumps, and Marine Growth Removal


Boat Landing, Damaged Structure, Jetty Piles, Subsea Piles, and on
demand site repair works



Ocean Works Asia’s in-house R&D team engineers and develops tailored specialized equipment and tools such as subsea wire saws, core samplers and ROV tools.


Our Main Machines

ROV built and commissioned by OWA

CPT machine

mobilizing to site

Diamond wire saw for concrete horizontal cutting

Diamond wire saw for concrete vertical cutting


Through a strong track record and innovative ideas, Ocean Works Asia has accumulated a wide range of engineering expertise and project management experience.


OWA’s in-house R&D team has engineered, designed and built ROVs with custom-made software control systems.

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